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In this very special episode of Broadcasts from the Cove, critically acclaimed artist of Pagan, fantasy, and fairy art Mickie Mueller joins us for an especially rousing round of meandering madcap merriment! She tells us all about her creation process for art of the new Mystical Cats Tarot which she created along side author Lunaea Weatherstone. We discuss the highlights of some of her and our favorite cards from the deck, some of the real life cat models that appear upon the cards, and even a few the secrets behind the realm of the Mystical Cats. We also get to hear about her illustrations for the wonderful new book The Witch's Broom by Deborah Blake! Mickie also tells us about the enchanted land upon which she lives, how they named their land, and why! We hear about the day to day operations of Mickie Mueller Studio and the history behind the Old Wooden Art Table! This episode is a must listen for fans of art, cats, tarot, fairies and magick alike! 

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